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Gabriela Nedoma
Organic Cosmetics
Vegan, Fresh, Natural

Fresh and natural, and with as few animal products as possible – that’s the trend in healthy nutrition today. Natural ingredients are also good for our skin, but natural cosmetics available in stores unfortunately are not all that: to extend their shelf life, preservatives and other additives are added to them. The solution is to make your own pure, raw mixtures for the skin: 100% fresh, 100% vitamins, directly from nature.

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Blüten, Blätter, Früchte 
Eleonore Schick
Blossoms, Leaves, Fruits
Decorative Floristry from the Garden
With photographs by Martin Staffler

Tulips, zinnias and sunflowers, but also pieces of bark, small twigs and bright red berries – nature provides all kinds of things over the course of the year that can be tied or tucked together to form beautiful arrangements.

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Blütenkranz und Rindenboote 
Conny Marx / Lulú Marx
Flower Chains and Bark Boats
Fun and Games in Nature

Playing in nature can be so simple! Carrot flowers can be turned into tiny dancers, pea pods become little boats for the rainwater barrel, a snapdragon opens its mouth wide and bellows, a blade of grass begins to whistle ...

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Blumenträume aus meinem Garten 
Helga Mühleck / Jutta Schneider / Michael Will
Flowered Dreams from My Garden
Ideas for Natural Bouquets and Wreaths

Composing your bouquets using what grows in your garden and the surrounding area – just as the seasons and the region allow them to grow – is not only good for the environment, but at the same time deepens your connection with nature. Helga Mühleck invites you to discover combinations of flowers, branches and greens that can be used in beautiful bouquets and wreaths at every time of year.

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Blumige Grüße 
Holger Schweizer
Flowery Greetings
My Very Best Floral Ideas

Popular TV florist Holger Schweizer presents a wealth of new ideas for enchanting bouquets, as well as ideas to enhance tables, rooms, doors and gardens. The practical and easily understood directions in combination with numerous photos make it easy to imitate his creations and clearly demonstrate how you can beautify your home and garden with flowers.

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Das kleine Wohlfühlbuch 
Katharina Bodenstein / Jutta Schneider
The Little Book of Pampering
Natural Cosmetics from a Blackberry Bath to Sage Milk

It’s so easy to do something good for yourself in a natural way: the ingredients for a refreshing cucumber mask, a quince mask or a beneficial massage oil made of marigolds are probably growing in your own garden!

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Ein Klostergarten voller Kräuter 
A Monastic Garden Full of Herbs

There is an herb to ease every malady! For thousands of years people have made use of the healing power of nature. Nowhere is this as evident as in a colorfully blossoming herb garden. The monastic gardens of medieval monks were a treasure trove of natural medicine in which dozens of different herbs from around the known world at the time were cultivated – each one of them with its unique healing properties.

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Im Garten meiner Kindheit 
In the Garden of My Childhood

»It still exists, the old garden of my childhood, and it will continue to exist, even after my days on earth are through. It was the last narrow piece of property in an abandoned vineyard, high above the city, with a view of the cemetery on the opposite side of the valley ...«

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Kräuterwissen aus dem Kloster 
Christine Amalia Bischoff
Herbal Knowledge from the Monastery

Using things that grew in monastic herb gardens and the knowledge of their predecessors in antiquity, medieval monks and nuns were able to alleviate or even heal many human afflictions, and so those cloister gardens became centers of medieval medicine and natural healing.

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Landleben zwischen Schafen und Bauerngärten 
Katharina Bodenstein / Jutta Schneider / Michael Will
Country Life among Sheep and Farmers’ Gardens

The desire to live closer to the land is deeply rooted in many people. In the country we breathe in the scent of roses and herbs, eat and cook with fruits and vegetables we harvest ourselves, and are surrounded by the happy hubbub of sheep, goats and chickens. Divided into four major topics, this book provides inspiration and information that help you bring a bit of that country idyll into every household.

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