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Natürlich Blumen! 
Holger Schweizer
Flowers, Naturally!
New Floral Ideas

Following the phenomenal success of his first two books, floral genius Holger Schweizer – well known from the ARD Buffet television series – unveils lots of new and entirely natural floral ideas in this book.

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Zauberhafte Blumengrüße 
Holger Schweizer
Enchanting Floral Greetings
My Best Floral Ideas

The florist Holger Schweizer – familiar from the television program »ARD Buffet« (1.3 million viewers daily) – presents in this delightful book his best ideas for bouquets and flower arrangements, floral enhancements for tables and rooms, as well as special gift ideas to bring flowers into everyday life.

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Blumige Grüße 
Holger Schweizer
Flowery Greetings
My Very Best Floral Ideas

Popular TV florist Holger Schweizer presents a wealth of new ideas for enchanting bouquets, as well as ideas to enhance tables, rooms, doors and gardens. The practical and easily understood directions in combination with numerous photos make it easy to imitate his creations and clearly demonstrate how you can beautify your home and garden with flowers.

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Selbstgenäht und aufgeräumt 
Uta Kuhn
Sew It and Stow It
Beautiful Organizers to Make Yourself

Does this sound familiar? You're in a hurry because you've taken too long to decide what to wear, and then you need to switch everything from one purse to the other that matches your outfit better. That is not a problem with a pocket organizer, a great way to quickly and easily move the most important things from one bag to another.

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Gabriela Nedoma
Organic Cosmetics
Vegan, Fresh, Natural

Fresh and natural, and with as few animal products as possible – that’s the trend in healthy nutrition today. Natural ingredients are also good for our skin, but natural cosmetics available in stores unfortunately are not all that: to extend their shelf life, preservatives and other additives are added to them. The solution is to make your own pure, raw mixtures for the skin: 100% fresh, 100% vitamins, directly from nature.

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Das kleine Wohlfühlbuch 
Katharina Bodenstein / Jutta Schneider
The Little Book of Pampering
Natural Cosmetics from a Blackberry Bath to Sage Milk

It’s so easy to do something good for yourself in a natural way: the ingredients for a refreshing cucumber mask, a quince mask or a beneficial massage oil made of marigolds are probably growing in your own garden!

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Meine schönen Momente 
Reglindis Rohringer
My Beautiful Moments

The special times in life are sometimes entire days of joy, another time only brief moments. This journal invites you to record them so that they don’t slip away to be forgotten.

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Nichts wie raus! 
Susanne Oswald
Let’s Go Outside!
Discovering Plants and Animals with Children, Playing and Eating Outside, and Crafts with Natural Materials

Craving nature? Then let’s get started! Whether you’re underway with young explorers, artists, snackers or just playful children, nature offers nearly unlimited opportunities. Animals, plants or the elements: it’s especially exciting to explore the major and minor wonders of the world with children. Anyone who spends time with children outdoors will be amazed by their observational skills and all they perceive. And how splendid it is to unpack nature’s gifts following a collective gathering tour!

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Lust auf Rosen 
Elke Bachorz
Passionate About Roses
The 30 Most Beautiful Decorative Ideas

The rose is the uncontested queen of the flowers – and proves it once again in these magical arrangements. Whether elegant in white, dreamy in pink, rustic in red or romantic in a duet with lavender or vetch – there is the right rose for every occasion and every taste.

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Im Garten meiner Kindheit 
In the Garden of My Childhood

»It still exists, the old garden of my childhood, and it will continue to exist, even after my days on earth are through. It was the last narrow piece of property in an abandoned vineyard, high above the city, with a view of the cemetery on the opposite side of the valley ...«

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