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Der Graf von Saint Germain - Alchemist oder Hochstapler? 
Thomas Freller
The Count of Saint Germain – Alchemist or Imposter?
A biography

You had to have seen the man to understand our gullibility – that’s how contemporaries said about the Count of Saint Germain, who claimed to possess many secrets. It was said he could make precious gems, extend life, heal illnesses...

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Das Konstanzer Konzil 
Thomas Martin Buck / Herbert Kraume
The Council of Constance
Church Politics – World Events – Everyday Life

The Council of Constance (1414–1418) is among the most important councils in church history. It was not only the first council to take place on German soil, but also the only one that was able to successfully end a schism in the church, through the election of Pope Martin V.

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Die Geschichte Mallorcas 
Thomas Freller
The History of Mallorca

The magic of Mallorca is enough to attract travelers in itself, but the sunny island has more to offer than picturesque beaches and towns. It looks back on millennia of history, and has been the crossroads for cultures from the eastern and western Mediterranean.

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Annerose Sieck
Female Mystics
Biographies of Visionary Women

Few chapters in women’s history are as thrilling as that of the female mystics of the Middle Ages. At first attributed only to individual women, mysticism as a lifestyle developed almost into a mass phenomenon, especially in the late Middle Ages.

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Unser König ist wahnsinnig! 
Hans-Dieter Otto
Our King is Crazy!
Mad Rulers from Caligula to Ludwig II

In drawings or paintings of »insane asylums« from earlier centuries we can see how chained, mentally deranged prisoners were held like animals under the supervision of »taskmasters« in inhumane conditions. With contorted faces and wide open or rolled eyes, they vegetate apathetically, a gruesome vision of abject misery that isn’t easily forgotten. Everywhere in the world and at the most diverse times there have been mentally ill people, from antiquity until modernity. Some of them were famous and powerful rulers – often with fatal consequences for their subjects.

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Verblüffende Siege 
Hans-Dieter Otto
Astonishing Victories
The Greatest Surprise Coups in Military History

There have been military conflicts with astonishing results, battles won against all odds by the “underdogs”, from the centuries before the Christian era into the twentieth century. Just as in antiquity the Persians, led by their kings Xerxes and Darius, were not able to conquer the Greeks in spite of their enormous advantages in numbers, materials and military might, neither the French in 1954 nor the Americans in the 1960s were able to steer the course of the Vietnam War in their favor.

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Für Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit 
Hans-Dieter Otto
For Unity, Justice and Freedom
The German Wars of Liberation against Napoleon, 1806-1815

In this absorbing book, Hans-Dieter Otto draws a succinct picture of an era that is one of the most dramatic in German history.

Readers experience as if they were transported back in time how Prussia gained a national identity through common hatred of the oppressor, despair over the hardships of the time and, above all, through a spiritual and political self-renewal.

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Von der Residenz zur Hauptstadt 
Andreas Sohn
Paris in the High Middle Ages
From the Royal Residence to Capital City

This title is devoted to the High Middle Ages, a key era in the more than two-thousand-year history of the city of Paris. How Paris came to be the capital of France during this period is elucidated clearly and accurately, with a stringent, methodical approach and incorporating the latest research results.

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Die Geschichte der Iberischen Halbinsel 
Thomas Freller
The History of the Iberian Peninsula

The history of the Iberian Peninsula stretches back to the cave paintings of the earliest human beings. Situated between Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the peninsula was and remains at the crossroads of myriad influences and cultures, and has itself been the focal point of global empires with farreaching impact.

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»Nach uns die Sintflut« 
Hans-Dieter Otto
“After Us, the Deluge”
Courtly Life in the Age of Absolutism

The pomp, intrigue and outrageous luxury that characterized the courts in the time of absolutism are legendary, above all the fantastic court of Louis XIV at Versailles. Hans-Die ter Otto reports on the dazzling court life built around mistresses and ladies-in-waiting, fashion and masquerade balls, adventurers and charlatans, gamblers and masters of ceremony.

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