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Alte Höfe, neues Leben 
Micha Dudek / Guido Roschlaub
Old Farms, New Life
With a foreword by Sarah Wiener

The desire for a free, easygoing life in the countryside is a growing movement among large segments of society. A key aspect of these desires is often “leftover farms”, or farms that once included fields and pastures. What remains are often historic buildings with accompanying wells, mills, stalls, sheds, gardens and orchards. Far from the big city, it is not only people seeking solitude who profit from them, but also many kinds of animals and plants.

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Ans Herz gewachsen 
Andreas Barlage
Rooted in My Heart
Personal Portraits of 40 Garden Plants

Everyone who has their own garden enters into them: relationships with plants. For some it’s love at first sight, for others a long-term partnership. But it is always the shared experiences that let not only the plants grow and flourish.

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Biogarten im Handumdrehen 
Dorothée Waechter
Organic Gardening in the Wink of an Eye
50 Simple Projects for Natural Gardens

Many gardeners would like to have a natural garden - if only it didn’t take so much time! In her book, Dorothée Waechter presents the solution to this problem: you don’t have to do everything all at once.

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Dorothée Waechter
A Potpourri of Flowers
Gardening with Colorful Mixed Flowers

Wildly colorful, natural and easy to care for – those are the advantages of the new combinations of flowers that are turning unused city spaces into little garden oases, but increasingly also brighten gardens, balconies and windowsills. The mixtures of annuals and perennials not only bring to mind grand bouquets of flowers, they are also a playground for bees, bumblebees and other beneficial insects.

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Das Paradies auf Erden 
Stephanie Hauschild
Paradise on Earth
The Gardens of the Cistercians

Many monastery gardens truly seem like paradise: their design and the selection of plants generate a harmonious atmosphere and offer the beholder a delightful view. But for the monks, their gardens were not only places of silence and meditation, but also places of great activity: herbs and fruits needed to be reaped and prepared, and flowers and vegetables required careful tending, so they could be used as food and medicine for the monastery.

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Der Traum vom Bauerngarten 
Ulrike Schwab / Jutta Schneider / Michael Will
The Dream of a Farmer's Garden
Natural Gardening with Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables

A farmer’s garden is varied and beautiful: flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables all grow together in orderly confusion, a pleasure for the eyes and the palate. The plants actually support and encourage each other in their growth, warding off pests and even providing shelter for beneficial creatures. That is why a farmer’s garden is always tended naturally, without chemicals or pesticides.

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Frau Dennelers Garten 
Irmgard Denneler / Edith Berner
Mrs. Denneler’s Garden
A Gardener Reveals Her Green Secrets

A wonderful abundance of flowers with little work: it is just a small plot of ground in the middle of a meadow, and yet visitors stand before a little paradise, astonished. From March to October flowers grow, vegetables and herbs grow, birds and butterflies flit through the air.

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Gärtnern (fast) ohne Gießen 
Dorothée Waechter
Gardening (Almost) Without Watering
A Green Thumb With Little Water

Climate change is bringing about longer periods of drought in which water is becoming a luxury. In the wake of urban gardening, it is also becoming clear that water from pipes should not be taken for granted. In her book, Dorothée Waechter addresses the intelligent use of water and skillful planning with plants that require little water or are able to survive dry periods.

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Garden Tips
Illustrated by Reglindis Rohringer

There is so much to know about gardening: when and how to water properly, how to get rid of snails by natural means, which plants make good neighbors, the best way to fertilize organically and more.

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Grashüpfer liebt Taglilie 
Ute Studer
Grasshopper Loves Daylily
Cheerful Stories from a Gardener’s Life

In 24 columns, Ute Studer takes you along into her garden. With humor she describes a strange, wonderful world between the primrose and the poppy. She manages to combine classic gardening themes with surprising stories drawn from a typical day in her green refuge in an enthralling way, finding the beauty and the beast on the same leaf.

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