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Historische Blumen 
Brigitte Wachsmuth
Historical Flowers
Varieties, Cultivation, History
With photographs by Andreas Kühlken

Old varieties of the most diverse blooming plants are no longer an insider’s tip, but are often available in larger nurseries and at summer gardening fairs. Once you have immersed yourself in the beauty of broken tulips and tenweeks stock (Matthiola incana), you will quickly be fascinated by the astonishing variety of forms and colors of these special cultivars.

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Gärtnern (fast) ohne Gießen 
Dorothée Waechter
Gardening (Almost) Without Watering
A Green Thumb With Little Water

Climate change is bringing about longer periods of drought in which water is becoming a luxury. In the wake of urban gardening, it is also becoming clear that water from pipes should not be taken for granted. In her book, Dorothée Waechter addresses the intelligent use of water and skillful planning with plants that require little water or are able to survive dry periods.

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Meine Kräuterfensterbank 
Stephanie Hauschild / Christina Kratzenberg
My Windowsill Herb Garden
Growing Fresh Herbs Indoors

Fresh herbs are a very special pleasure in the cold months of the year. There is no need to resort to expensive and ecologically questionable imports from the grocery store: fragrant leaves from your own windowsill, stairway or sunroom maintain a little of that summer feeling and lend a fresh, sunny note to food and teas. Their essential oils and other active substances strengthen the immune system against wintertime viruses and lift our spirits.

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Josh Westrich / Dorothée Waechter
Historical Varieties Photographed by Josh Westrich
With text by Dorothée Waechter

With extraordinarily magnificent color and great luminosity, this coffee table book invites you to take a journey of discovery into the world of historical bulbs. Old varieties of tulips, irises, grape hyacinths, scillas, daffodils and snowdrops, as well as myriad familiar and less familiar bulbs, are beautifully portrayed before a bright background.

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Vom Zauber alter Gärten 
Kriemhild Finken / Aloys Finken
The Magic of Older Gardens

What do the gardens of Roseburg, Weikersheim Castle or the Brühl Gardens have in common? They all make the hearts of garden fans everywhere beat faster. The old gardens have been lovingly restored and today shine with their original splendor. How about a trip to the Goethe garden in Weimar, to Würzburg or Trier, or the Rose Garden in Bamberg, whether live or in pictures?

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Title: 21 to 25 of 25 Page: <<<   1  2  3 
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