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Grashüpfer liebt Taglilie 
Ute Studer
Grasshopper Loves Daylily
Cheerful Stories from a Gardener’s Life

In 24 columns, Ute Studer takes you along into her garden. With humor she describes a strange, wonderful world between the primrose and the poppy. She manages to combine classic gardening themes with surprising stories drawn from a typical day in her green refuge in an enthralling way, finding the beauty and the beast on the same leaf.

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Grün unter Glas 
Stephanie Hauschild / Melanie Wagner / Christina Kratzenberg
Green under Glass
Low-Maintenance Indoor Gardens

The principle is simple: a transparent container with a good seal is upended over a container of earth and placed in the light. Inside it are various plants, which remain alive and even continue to grow profusely – without any further air circulation, additional water or nutrients. The effort involved is minimal.

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Ans Herz gewachsen 
Andreas Barlage
Rooted in My Heart
Personal Portraits of 40 Garden Plants

Everyone who has their own garden enters into them: relationships with plants. For some it’s love at first sight, for others a long-term partnership. But it is always the shared experiences that let not only the plants grow and flourish.

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Mein Garten-Eintragbuch 
Reglindis Rohringer
My Garden Journal

Bright and cheerful, with endearing details, in short, breathtakingly beautiful: that describes Reglindis Rohringer’s style. Her enchanting illustrations make this journal based on the seasons of the year a feast for the eyes.

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Garden Tips
Illustrated by Reglindis Rohringer

There is so much to know about gardening: when and how to water properly, how to get rid of snails by natural means, which plants make good neighbors, the best way to fertilize organically and more.

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Vom Zauber alter Gärten 
Aloys Finken / Kriemhild Finken
The Magic of Older Gardens

Names such as Bois Richeux, Fontevraud or Villandry make the hearts of garden aficionados beat a little faster. Less well known, perhaps, are the gardens of La Bourdaissière or Marqueyssac. But all have something in common: they have been lovingly restored by their owners in recent decades, giving rise to medieval herb gardens with raised beds or baroque gardens with ornamental vegetables and unusual forms, sumptuous Renaissance gardens or old cloister gardens.

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Alte Höfe, neues Leben 
Micha Dudek / Guido Roschlaub
Old Farms, New Life
With a foreword by Sarah Wiener

The desire for a free, easygoing life in the countryside is a growing movement among large segments of society. A key aspect of these desires is often “leftover farms”, or farms that once included fields and pastures. What remains are often historic buildings with accompanying wells, mills, stalls, sheds, gardens and orchards. Far from the big city, it is not only people seeking solitude who profit from them, but also many kinds of animals and plants.

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Mein bunter Bio-Küchengarten 
Annette Kretzschmar
My Colorful Organic Kitchen Garden
Gardening for Creative Cooks

More and more people are eager to eat natural foods these days. They enrich their diet with produce they’ve grown themselves – whether in a garden or on a balcony – and are delighted by the healthy herbs or vegetables. A kitchen garden is an ideal way to provide the entire family with healthy, seasonal pleasures. Fresh vegetables, sweet fruits and aromatic herbs all join forces to tempt you to taste, nibble and try new foods.

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Elke Bachorz
For the Love of Roses
Floral Idea for Bouquets, Wreaths and Arrangements

Roses are undoubtedly among the most beautiful flowers of all, and are the star of every floral arrangement. From simple to more demanding, from romantic dreams to summer colors, in this book you will find just what you need for every occasion. Beautiful table decorations, small arrangements or charming ideas for your garden: add elegance to your home with flowers and create up a welcoming environment. The floral techniques are explained step by step, ensuring success. Gorgeous photos make the book a visual delight, as well.

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Mein wunderschöner Genussgarten 
Annette Kretzschmar
My Wonderful Garden of Delight
A Garden for the Eyes and the Palate

»What I really need is several gardens, or one very big garden with lots of different areas: one garden full of flowers, an herb garden, a kitchen garden with vegetables and fruits, and finally a wild and dreamy natural garden where I can retreat for rejuvenation. But in reality, I don’t have enough space or enough time to manage all that. So I have to find a compromise: I only have plants in my garden, on the terrace and on windowsills that promise to provide a feast for both my eyes and my palate! Blossoms, leaves and fruits to eat, season and decorate, fragrant herbs and decorative varieties of vegetable – in short, a garden where almost every plant is both beautiful and delicious,« writes Annette Kretzschmar.

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