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Erdbeerbowle trifft Melone 
Strawberry Punch Meets Melon

Fresh, fruity beverages without alcohol for the entire family, appealingly presented, with tantalizing aromas and appealing colors – they will be the highlight of every party, for young and old alike. Try a Sunrise without Tequila or frozen pieces of melon instead of ice cubes! Your guests will be delighted.

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Thorbeckes kleine Weihnachtsbäckerei 
Thorbecke's Little Christmas Bakery
With recipes by Magda Drostel

Sugar Cookies and Almond Crescents, Lebkuchen and Jam Thumbprints – the delicious scent of freshly baked cookies streams from every page of this book.

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Matthias Reimann
Homemade and Delicious

Healthy and delicious – that’s how muesli should be, but also varied according to your individual taste. More and more people are not reaching for the sugar-filled versions in the supermarket anymore, but instead are making their muesli themselves, with quinoa or amaranth, apricots or apples, soured milk or yogurt, raw cane sugar or maple syrup – the variations of flavors are limitless!

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Lucia Baumgärtner / Theresia Baumgärtner

The origins of the shortbread tradition lie in Scotland, but enthusiasm for this simple, buttery treat knows no boundaries. Whether served with cream tea in Cornwall or coffee at eleven in Dublin, homemade shortbread is always welcome, especially when it is baked with the best ingredients and lots of love.

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Delicious – Fruity – Quick and Easy

Smoothies – mild and fruity in taste, they are a pleasure for the palate and at the same time a good dose of vitamins for the body. More of the valuable nutrients are retained in puréed fruits than in plain fruit juice. And that is especially true for homemade smoothies made with fresh ingredients!

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Dips und Saucen – sweet & salty 
Christina Heß
Dips and Sauces – Sweet & Salty

No matter whether at parties, picnics or barbecues: Vegetable sticks, bread and grilled food really taste delicious with the matching dips and sauces. This book also presents creative recipes for the latest trend of sweet dips.

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Frühstücksbrei & Porridge 
Carina Seppelt
Breakfast Grains & Porridge
Happiness on a Spoon

Cereal is out – breakfast grains and porridge are in! They are easily digestible, satisfy you for a long time without distressing the body, and deliver enough energy and vitamins for the healthiest possible start to your day.

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Glamour Mug Cakes 
Antje Küthe
Glamour Mug Cakes
Creative Mug Cakes with Wow Effect

Quick mug cakes made in the microwave are all the rage! And now there is a new twist to these small, lightning-fast minute-cakes: imaginative toppings and special ingredients will bring a smile to our face and our friends’, as well.

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Mug Soups 
Mug Soups
Quick Soup Bliss from the Cup

Discover how to conjure up fresh and healthy soups in just a few minutes. All that you need is a microwave, a cup and a few ingredients because the soups are prepared in the mug. It’s the perfect solution for the lunch break at the office or a warming feel-good soup as a snack between meals.

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Nileen Marie Schaldach
Sweet & Savoury Filled Pastries

Empanadas are little delicious pastries from Spain that are ideal for the next party, as a snack between meals or at a picnic in the countryside. Food blogger Nileen Marie Schaldach surprises readers with delicious variations for every taste. These are filled with fresh ingredients – whether meat, vegetables and cheese or even as a heavenly sweet temptation with chocolate and fruit.

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