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Thorbeckes kleine Weihnachtsbäckerei 
Thorbecke's Little Christmas Bakery
With recipes by Magda Drostel

Sugar Cookies and Almond Crescents, Lebkuchen and Jam Thumbprints – the delicious scent of freshly baked cookies streams from every page of this book.

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Gemüsesuppen für Genießer 
Chandima Soysa
Vegetable Soups for Gourmets

Vegetable soups are healthy and versatile – and naturally delicious! The fabulous recipes collected here are not only simple to make at home, they are also the purest comfort foods: they warm the stomach, and are a treat for the eyes as well with their brilliant fall colors in red, orange, yellow and green.

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Klassische Gemüseküche 
Annabelle Fagner / Tilmann Schempp
Classic Cooking with Vegetables

A walk through a farmer’s market is an opportunity to revel in the astonishing variety of types of vegetables. There has never been such a wide array of vegetables available. The spectrum of colors alone resembles a painter’s palette: white asparagus, red tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green cucumbers and zucchini, and these are just a small selection of the glorious color chart.

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Klassische Geflügelküche 
Annabelle Fagner / Tilmann Schempp
Classic Cooking with Poultry

These days, no one is clamoring for more heavy, fat-laden foods. Delicate, lean poultry is an ideal choice as it is light, natural, easily digested and very healthy. The variety is great: not only chicken and turkey, but also duck, goose, pheasant, pigeon, snipe, partridge, guinea fowl, quail, and ostrich can be prepared in delicious ways.

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Köstliche Kuchen leicht gemacht 
Chandima Soysa
Spectacular Cakes Made Easy

Creamy cheesecake, fruity strawberry shortcake, enticing Torta di Ricotta, moist zucchini cake: these and other delicacies don’t require any special talent and are not difficult to make, but the results are fantastic.

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Markus Wagner / Petra Forster
Autumn and Winter Recipes with Root Vegetables

Roots, tubers and more are in season! Some plants store the vitamins and nutrients developed during the sunny daylight hours, where it is cool and they are protected from light. These products of the sun and other things we so urgently need for the colder season are stored within. But root vegetables are not only healthy, but can also be used in incredibly varied ways.

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Limo, Spritz & Brause 
Hildegard Möller
Soda, Spritzers and Fizz
Do it Yourself Sparkling Drinks

In summertime drinks need to be refreshing! Instead of buying drinks filled with sugar, try making your own sodas, fizzes and spritz drinks. They are free of artificial flavors and preservatives, using delicious flowers, herbs and fruit instead. And best of all, you can determine for yourself how much sugar they contain.

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Die Wildfrüchteküche 
Annette Kretzschmar
Cooking with Wild Fruits

What was taken entirely for granted in our grandparents’ kitchens has been almost entirely forgotten today: who still remembers that delicious foods and condiments can be made from barberries, mulberries and sea buckthorn? And so, with great imaginative and culinary flair, Annette Kretzschmar set off in search of the forgotten fruits that grow wild in nature.

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Mediterrane Kräuterküche 
Rita Kopp
Cooking with Mediterranean Herbs

Fresh herbs bring summer right to your table and stir memories of mild Mediterranean evenings spent enjoying delectable food and a glass of good red wine. With these recipes, you can conjure the magic of a vacation in warmer climes in your own home.

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Klassische Fischküche 
Annabelle Fagner / Tilmann Schempp
Classic Fish Cuisine
Freshwater Fish

When you eat fish, you’re taking part in a celebration. The pleasure of catching a fish yourself or acquiring a particularly beautiful specimen begs to be shared. Enjoying a meal of fish with good company or at a long table filled with family members is one of the highlights of our dining tradition. The huge variety of freshwater fish would even make it easy to go without seafood at all.

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