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Sommer, Sonne, Picknickzeit 
Sabine Fuchs
Summer, Sunshine, Picnic Time

When the sun finally shines again, it is high time to get out into nature, and we pack delicious finger foods, enticing cakes and thick sandwiches in the picnic basket. Sabine Fuchs will inspire you to quickly conjure up something delicious in the kitchen to take along with lots of inventive picnic recipes and anecdotes.

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Kühles Kuchenglück 
Marco Seifried
Cool in the Kitchen
Cakes Without Baking

Huckleberry vanilla slices, raspberry peach timbale, a berry Charlotte, chocolate hazelnut pie with vanilla cream or strawberry lime tarts — each of these recipes sounds more delicious than the last. And the best part is, they can all be made without any baking.

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Meine wilde Küche 
Annette Kretzschmar
My Wild Kitchen
The Best Recipes with Wild Fruits and Flowers

Things very often get wild in Annette Kretzschmar’s kitchen: In the past few years, it has become natural and normal for her to use wild herbs, flowers and fruits. The author and her family treasure their taste, health benefits and their visual appeal so much by now that many wild plants have been given a permanent place in their small garden.

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Kochen für Meckermäuler 
Rose Marie Donhauser
Cooking for Picky Eaters
Fresh, Family-Friendly Cuisine Guaranteed to Taste Great

Fresh, fun and fabulous – educating the picky eaters and their palates is the goal of this book, with recipes that are fun for children – and their parents, too!

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Frisch vom Blech 
Ira König
Fresh from the Oven
Sweet and Savory Baking Ideas

An entire tray full of sweet cake, still warm from the oven – that’s happiness itself! contains 40 delicious tray bake recipes for every taste and every occasion. Perfect for large crowds, when lots of hungry people gather around the table.

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Grüner kochen! 
Juliana Neumann / Alexandra Medwedeff
Greener Cooking!
Less Meat - More Enjoyment

We all know it’s true: less meat would be better, for our health, for the animals, for the environment. But most people enjoy eating meat too much to give it up entirely. An alternative is to try the »less is more« approach.

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Buchstabensuppe & Pausenbrot 
Ira König
Alphabet Soup & School Snacks
Making Favorite Recipes with Children

Do you also have fond memories of baking Christmas cookies with your mother? Do you remember how delicious apple pancakes and waffles smelled when you came into the kitchen?

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Conny Marx
Family Treasures
The Best Cookies from Grandma’s Cookbook

Many people have cherished memories of winter and Christmas, spending time with family as the aroma of freshly baked Christmas cookies or other goodies fills the house. And then we are reminded of those special treats that only grandma knew how to make just the right way, the ones that disappeared fastest from the plate of Christmas cookies that crowned the celebration.

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Jahreszeitenküche frisch vom Markt 
Alexandra Medwedeff / Juliana Neumann
Seasonal Cooking, Fresh from the Market

Many people have a strong desire to consciously experience the seasons of the year, and to take in the changes taking place in nature with all their senses. One way to do that is to eat seasonally and regionally. Using ingredients that nature has on offer here and now, the authors conjure up delicious and sometimes truly unusual culinary creations.

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Weihnachtsbäckerei wie früher 
Magda Drostel
Christmas Baking Like in the Olden Days

The best recipes for Christmas cookies are the traditional ones, made by hand, the way some people still bake them during Advent. Butter cookies, spitzbuben and almond crescents make everyone’s mouth water, young and old alike, and homemade lebkuchen and jam thumbprints are some of the highlights of the season.

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