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Christina macht was 
Christina Heß
What´s Christina Making?
Vegetarian. Delicious. Different.

A completely different approach to vegetarian food – is that possible? Of course! Christina Heß has been a vegetarian for 10 years, and while she spends her days in a government agency Monday through Friday, she expresses her passion for cooking, photography and thinking outside the box through her blog »What’s Christina Making?« Her recipes are innovative, healthy and personal. Her delicious creations will make you want to try them yourself.

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Meine Familie isst vegan 
Helene Holunder
The Vegan Family - We Are What We Eat!
Recipes to bring More vegan Into Everyday Life

In many families nowadays, people have different food preferences, allergies, special dietary requirements, or specific nutritional plans that seem to conflict with each other. The question, »What’s left that we can all eat together?« spoils the fun of cooking for many family chefs. But there really are vegan recipes that everybody likes!

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Frühstücksbrei & Porridge 
Carina Seppelt
Breakfast Grains & Porridge
Happiness on a Spoon

Cereal is out – breakfast grains and porridge are in! They are easily digestible, satisfy you for a long time without distressing the body, and deliver enough energy and vitamins for the healthiest possible start to your day.

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Gourmet to go 
Gourmet to Go
Delicious Foods for Picnics, Parties and Underway

Food simply tastes better outside at a picnic or a garden party than at home seated at the dining table! The unfamiliar surroundings, sunshine and fresh greenery are a feast for our eyes, providing double the pleasure. And yet, many people think it’s not possible to eat just as well on the go as you can at home.

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Gesunder Kräutergenuss 
Healthy Herbal Delights

It is impossible to imagine cooking without herbs and wild herbs. At one point, however, herbs were almost completely out of fashion, with the exception of a handful of the most popular, such as basil, thyme, sage and oregano. Luckily that’s not the case nowadays. Those basic herbs may still dominate the culinary stage, but many other herbs and wild herbs add to the profusion of fresh and vitamin-rich seasonings and medicines.

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Tante Lene kocht ein 
Claudia Dreizler
Aunt Lene´s Preservers
The Fresh Fruit Kitchen: Jams, Chutneys and Jellies

»You’re just like Aunt Lene,« said Claudia’s family time and again. That’s because Aunt Lene always had a thousand creative ideas for using the bounty of her garden. Claudia Dreizler has followed in her footsteps: tomatoes and grapes, pears and thyme, blackberries and lavender all make delicious combinations in her jams and jellies, and are a coveted treat from her small shop, named Tante Lene after her aunt. Claudia Dreizler makes sure she uses only local fruits in seasonal combinations. And just like her Aunt Lene, she leaves nothing unused: jam leftovers can be found in her delicious Linzer Torte or other handmade treats.

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Feste feiern vegetarisch 
Katharina Saheicha / Sophia Maureen Saheicha
Celebrations the Vegetarian Way
Delicious recipes for every occasion

By now more and more people are vegetarian, and most of the time it’s no trouble to cook something delicious without meat for a shared meal. But what to do when vegetarians and non-vegetarians are eating at the same table on special occasions, such as Christmas or a festive birthday celebration? No problem!

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Das Vorratskammer-Kochbuch 
Stefanie Knorr
The Pantry Cookbook
Delicious and healthy recipes for every day

Do you want to quickly get a healthy meal on the table after work? Do you want to eat a varied, healthy diet without going shopping every day?

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Endlich Kürbiszeit! 
Carina Seppelt
Finally, It’s Pumpkin Season
Savory and sweet recipes

Finally, it’s pumpkin season! These delicious, bright orange squashes are definitely one of the best parts of autumn. In addition to time tested classics such as pumpkin soup – but with a new twist – this collection includes lots of recipes that you’ve probably never tried before...

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Mias süße Kleinigkeiten 
Mirja Hoechst
Mia’s Sweet Little Somethings
The Best Recipes from the Blog »Kitchen Chaos«

You simply have to get to know the chef behind »Kitchen Chaos«. When Mia started her food blog »Küchenchaotin« (»Kitchen Chaos«) in 2012, she had no inkling of the journey it would send her on. Just a little more than two years later, there was a flurry of mixing, baking, chilling, kneading, finishing, arranging and photography in order to create a book full of sweet little treats.

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