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Himmlisch gesund 
Lynn Hoefer
Heavenly Healthy
Natural Recipes for a Good Life

With her creative recipes that range from simple to unusual, Lynn Hoefer shows the ease with which healthy nutrition can function even entirely without industrial products, refined sugar and gluten. Her book is more than just a cookbook: It’s an attitude towards life that is full of fun with good products, delicious recipes and an all-round healthy lifestyle!

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Hello Snow 
Julia Cawley / Vera Schäper / Saskia van Deelen
Hello Snow
Cooking – Reading – Enjoying

Julia Cawley, Verat Schäper and Saskia van Deelen make this year’s winter magical! With beautiful winter photos, texts full of a wintery atmosphere and many recipes that invite us to enjoy them, they bring the winter mood into our homes and make sure that this very special time is simply perfect.

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Mug Soups 
Mug Soups
Quick Soup Bliss from the Cup

Discover how to conjure up fresh and healthy soups in just a few minutes. All that you need is a microwave, a cup and a few ingredients because the soups are prepared in the mug. It’s the perfect solution for the lunch break at the office or a warming feel-good soup as a snack between meals.

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Grünkohl neu entdeckt 
Carina Seppelt
Kale Rediscovered
Delicious Recipes Using the Superfood Kale

Kale is taking over modern kitchens! And it’s no wonder, as the healthy vegetable literally has it all. Its phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make it a true superfood among vegetables. Kale contains lots of protein and iron – a real alternative for vegetarians and vegans.

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Vegetarisch kochen & genießen 
Doris Brugger / Cristina Pedrazzini
Vegetarian Cooking Delight
With Gluten Free and Lactose Free Variations

A healthy, balanced diet is important, preferably with fresh, crunchy vegetables. But it is equally important to enjoy them, so in a way that involves all the senses. Most fun of all is to share good food with family and friends. So that everyone can enjoy the meal together, each recipe states whether it can be prepared gluten free, lactose free or vegan.

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Nileen Marie Schaldach
Sweet & Savoury Filled Pastries

Empanadas are little delicious pastries from Spain that are ideal for the next party, as a snack between meals or at a picnic in the countryside. Food blogger Nileen Marie Schaldach surprises readers with delicious variations for every taste. These are filled with fresh ingredients – whether meat, vegetables and cheese or even as a heavenly sweet temptation with chocolate and fruit.

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Sabine Fuchs / Susanne Heindl
Dumpling Delights
Savory & Sweet

Dumplings are simply delicious, satisfying, and a wonderful comfort food. You just can't get enough of their gourmet versatility! The possibilities range from hearty to sweet, as a side dish, main course or dessert.

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Müsliriegel und Fruchtschnitten 
Nileen Marie Schaldach
Granola Bars & Fruit Slices
Healthy, delicious, homemade

When you’re hungry between meals or need an energy boost, granola bars and fruit slices are very healthy, unbelievably tasty, and now easy to make, too! In just 30 minutes, good ingredients such as superfoods and dried fruits can be turned into a whole tray of delicious bars or cookies, perfect for many occasions: as energy bars during exercise, as healthy snacks to take to school, or wrapped in a pretty package as a sweet or savory gift for friends and family

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Meine kleine Küche am See 
Birgit Fazis
My Little Kitchen by the Lake
Seasonal feel-good recipes

For Birgit, her husband and their daughters Emma, Frieda and Heidi, a small house by the lake is the centre of their lives. Everyone`s favourite place is the big dinner table at which they not only fill their stomachs but create memories, make plans and celebrate special occasions.

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Iris Lange-Fricke
Glow Food
Radiantly Beautiful with the Right Diet

A saying goes: true beauty comes from within - and there is much truth in that because with a balanced, healthy diet and an active life we feel good and »glow« from within.

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