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Ostern genießen 
Enjoying Easter
Brunch - Easter dinner - coffee time

Celebrating Easter with friends and family, hunting for painted eggs, excitement about the first spring flowers outdoors and a fresh braided yeast bread on the table – anyone looking forward to these things will find just the right recipes in this heavenly Easter cookbook, from brunch to Good Friday fish to a big Easter feast.

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Backen aus dem Obstgarten 
Andrea Natschke-Hofmann
Baking from the Fruit Garden
With Year-Round Enjoyment

In each of Andrea Natschke-Hofmann`s recipes, which are organised according to the season, the reader senses that she was practically born with a gift for baking: The blogger comes from a family of bakers and already discovered her love of this craft as a child. New recipes and newly interpreted classics awaken a desire for heavenly baked goods with fruit and vegetables.

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Butterkuchen und Quittenbrot 
Helene Holunder
Butterkuchen and Quince Bread
Vegan interpretations of Grandma´s best recipes

Nothing tastes as good as what we eat at Grandma’s house as children! Classics from the past—such as French toast, potato pancakes, lentil soup or potato bread—still make our mouths water years later. But today many people have made a conscious decision not to eat animal products. Helene Holunder has been cooking vegan for her family for more than ten years, and has created variations of Grandma’s treasured recipes that forego animal ingredients but still taste just as fabulous as ever. Let yourself be magically transported back to childhood by pinwheel pastries, birthday cakes, baked beans (without bacon), butterkuchen and much more.

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Sabine Fuchs / Susanne Heindl
Veggie Sandwiches
Spreads, salads and patties for the best sandwiches

Enjoy delicious sandwiches, flavorful spreads, and vegetarian patties whether you are out and about, at the office, having a picnic, or at home with your family. The recipes for homemade butters such as lemon or tomato butter, pesto variations and other spreads, crunchy fresh salads, as well as unique veggie patties can all be combined in so many new ways to make fabulous sandwiches and simple meals. Try the red beet and feta sandwich, the carrot pesto and cheese bread with zucchini, or the goat cheese sandwich with mango salsa. Treat yourself to these healthy delights!

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Jam Cocktails 
Julia Ewers / Lukas Baseda
Jam Cocktails
Fruity, Fresh and Delicious

Jam cocktails are fruity and delicious drinks that become a very special taste experience by adding jam. In this book, you will find the latest creations and discover that jam isn’t just for breakfast. The latest food trend from the USA proves: The composition of cocktails and jams isn’t just unusual – above all, it’s extraordinarily delicious.

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Himmlisch gesund 
Lynn Hoefer
Heavenly Healthy
Natural Recipes for a Good Life

With her creative recipes that range from simple to unusual, Lynn Hoefer shows the ease with which healthy nutrition can function even entirely without industrial products, refined sugar and gluten. Her book is more than just a cookbook: It’s an attitude towards life that is full of fun with good products, delicious recipes and an all-round healthy lifestyle!

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Hello Snow 
Julia Cawley / Vera Schäper / Saskia van Deelen
Hello Snow
Cooking – Reading – Enjoying

Julia Cawley, Verat Schäper and Saskia van Deelen make this year’s winter magical! With beautiful winter photos, texts full of a wintery atmosphere and many recipes that invite us to enjoy them, they bring the winter mood into our homes and make sure that this very special time is simply perfect.

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Backen mit Urkorn 
Ulrike Schneider / Jutta Schneider
Baking with Ancient Grains
Spelt, Emmer, Kamut and Other Grains

Everybody's talking about the ancient grains spelt, einkorn, emmer and kamut, but also about pseudo-cereals such as quinoa, amaranth and chia. Ancient grains have a lot to offer; they are varied, full of nutrients, and taste delicious. But how do you grow sprouts or make sourdough, how do you work with the soft dough made of einkorn, and which kind of spelt makes the best yeast dough?

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Mug Soups 
Mug Soups
Quick Soup Bliss from the Cup

Discover how to conjure up fresh and healthy soups in just a few minutes. All that you need is a microwave, a cup and a few ingredients because the soups are prepared in the mug. It’s the perfect solution for the lunch break at the office or a warming feel-good soup as a snack between meals.

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Grünkohl neu entdeckt 
Carina Seppelt
Kale Rediscovered
Delicious Recipes Using the Superfood Kale

Kale is taking over modern kitchens! And it’s no wonder, as the healthy vegetable literally has it all. Its phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make it a true superfood among vegetables. Kale contains lots of protein and iron – a real alternative for vegetarians and vegans.

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