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Mädelsabend oder wie du mit köstlichen und schnellen Rezepten deine Freundinnen verwöhnst 
Rose Marie Donhauser
Girls’ Night or How You Can Spoil Your Girlfriends with Quick and Delicious Recipes
With photographs by Gudrun Petersen

Yoohoo! The girls are coming! Finally we have time to meet and exchange the latest news and gossip again. There will be laughter, commiserating, and of course delicious food.

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Zum Anbeißen lecker! 
Chandima Soysa
Bite-Sized Delights!
Appetizers, Snacks & Finger Foods

These foods may be small in size, but they meet the most discriminating standards! Chandima Soysa tickles your palate with special recipes from around the world – ideal for your next party, a buffet, as appetizers or when you’re simply hungry for a little something.

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Kühles Kuchenglück 
Marco Seifried
Cool in the Kitchen
Cakes Without Baking

Huckleberry vanilla slices, raspberry peach timbale, a berry Charlotte, chocolate hazelnut pie with vanilla cream or strawberry lime tarts — each of these recipes sounds more delicious than the last. And the best part is, they can all be made without any baking.

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Leichte Büroküche 
Sabine Huth-Rauschenbach
Light Food for Work
Soups, Sandwiches and Salads to Make Ahead

We eat at least five meals a week at our workplace. Ideally, planning these meals should be just as important to us as the home-cooked meals with which we want to impress friends and family on the weekends. But instead, each weekday around noon hoards of hungry working people rush to the nearest snack bar or to a convenient supermarket and fulfill their cravings by grabbing unhealthy, fatty foods.

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Aromen, die wir lieben 
Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch / Susann Kreihe
Flavors We Love
13 Menus with Special Spices
With photographs by Franziska Taube

Come along on a journey of discovery, exploring the world of culinary flavors! Coffee, vanilla or mint most often bring to mind sweet treats, but this book demonstrates that they can also add sophisticated aromas to meat, fish and vegetables.

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Möhrenpesto und Maronicreme 
Sabine Fuchs / Susanne Heindl
Carrot Pesto and Chestnut Cream
35 Vegetarian Spreads

Are you in the mood for fresh bread, but long for an alternative to the usual ham, salami or cheese? You will be amazed at the extraordinary range of ingredients for sandwich spreads nature holds in store for us. From herbs to pulses, vegetables or fruit, the nutritious and delicious ingredients make every meal a feast and bring variety to lunchboxes.

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delikat & formvollendet 
Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch / Susann Kreihe
Delectable and in Perfect Form
Exceptional Menus, Perfectly Orchestrated
With photographs by Franziska Taube

Eating with family and friends is one of the most important rituals in life, a timeout from the daily routine, a time to indulge our senses. As cooks, we have the chance to entice and beguile with our creations; we can present our dishes so that just the sight of them will enchant our guests.

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Matthias Reimann
Homemade and Delicious

Healthy and delicious – that’s how muesli should be, but also varied according to your individual taste. More and more people are not reaching for the sugar-filled versions in the supermarket anymore, but instead are making their muesli themselves, with quinoa or amaranth, apricots or apples, soured milk or yogurt, raw cane sugar or maple syrup – the variations of flavors are limitless!

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Erdbeerbowle trifft Melone 
Strawberry Punch Meets Melon

Fresh, fruity beverages without alcohol for the entire family, appealingly presented, with tantalizing aromas and appealing colors – they will be the highlight of every party, for young and old alike. Try a Sunrise without Tequila or frozen pieces of melon instead of ice cubes! Your guests will be delighted.

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Hokkaido, Zucchini und Co. 
Markus Wagner
Hokkaido, Zucchini & Co.
The Best Squash Recipes

Nearly forgotten for quite a long time, squash used to be a favorite in our grandmothers’ kitchens, one of the staple foods that can be prepared in countless ways. But recently it has made a comeback: what was once a simple food for poor people has become a delicacy that has few equals when it comes to versatility.

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